At Sikkens we believe strongly in our goal to help you enhance the natural beauty of wood. Our many years of technical experience and extensive innovation have produced a range of products with uncompromising quality that present and protect wood’s uniquely beautiful appearance.
Over many years, Sikkens has built an outstanding reputation for its ranges of professional woodcare coating systems. They combine innovation and technical excellence with uncompromising quality.
So for those who aspire to employ the unrivalled natural beauty of a material created by nature, and enlist the help of skilled craftsmen to do so the finish can only be Sikkens.
The Sikkens heritage began in 1792 with Wiert Willem Sikkens; a painter and decorator who used his expertise of woodcare to produce and sell lacquers alongside various trade materials to fellow painters, decorators and enthusiasts.
As the company has grown over the decades, so has the drive for innovation. Revolutionary synthetic coatings such as Rubbol AZ have pushed Sikkens to the forefront of product formulation and finish.
In recent years a merger with AkzoNobel has secured Sikkens as a market leader whose intrinsic history produces a range of products designed to help enhance and preserve woods natural beauty.