Quality Assurance

MountainsOcean Decor believe that only by achieving the finest quality will opportunities be created for continuous work. Whether it is in domestic, commercial or industrial projects. Inspection procedures to monitor and achieve a high standard of quality are always enforced.

With reference to BS 5750 quality assurance, a number of our clients do operate quality assurance schemes and we, as their contractors are pleased to offer our full support and co-operation.

The company’s quality assurance objectives are:

  1. Identify what the client wants and plan how to achieve it.
  2. Ensure work is carried out under controlled conditions.
  3. Achieve standards that satisfy the quality requirements set by our employer and current British standards.
  4. Operate self-assessment and improvement systems.

As members of the Painting & Decorating Association, we undertake in every respect to comply with the strict ‘Code of Practice’ set out by the association.